MA, Media Studies, The New School, New York, NY
BFA, Memphis College of Art, Memphis, TN


2011 Bushwick in the Box, Microscope gallery at White Box, NY, NY
2011 Pause/Artside, Southend on Sea, UK
2011 Mobile Cinema, curated by Cherry Kino Lab, Saltaire, UK
2011 Kaunas Biennial, curated by Cherry Kino Lab, Lithuania


2014 E.S.P. TV + Optics O:O, Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY
2013 HPSCHD, Eyebeam, NY, NY
2013 Now What! Microscope gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2012 16mm Projections for Alice Cohen's Record Release @ Body Actualized, Brooklyn, NY
2012 Visuals for ODO @ Cafe Zebulon, Brooklyn, NY
2011 Brooklyn Night Bazaar curated by Nuit Blanche, Brooklyn, NY
2011 Altered Zones, The New Museum, NY, NY
2011 Visuals for FORMA @ The Schoolhouse, Brooklyn, NY
2009 Outpost presents JG Ballard’s The Atrocity Exhibition, MonkeyTown, Brooklyn, NY


2016 Atrabilious Experimenteel Filmfestival, Filmhuis Cavia, Amsterdam

2015 Solo screening at Microscope gallery

2015 Manga De Vento, Cine Cultura, Brazil

2015 Banda Aparte, Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, Canary Islands 

2015 New Year, New Works, The Filmmakers' Co-op, NY, NY

2015 Onion City Experiment Film and Video Festival, Chicago, IL

2014 La Furia Umana Ciné -Club, Le Saint André des Arts, Paris

2014 Frontiera Film Festival, Brazil 

2014 Solo screening, The Film Makers Cooperative, NY, NY

2013 RADAR @ Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn, NY

2013 High Zero Festival, Baltimore MD

2013 Now What #2, Microscope gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2013 Plug Projects, Kansas City, MO

2013 Chicago 8: travelling program, Echo Park Film Center, LA

2013 Chicago 8 @ SF Cinematheque, San Francisco, CA

2012 The Filmmakers Co-op, Anthology Film Archives, NY, NY

2012 UNSEEN, Experimentica, Cardiff, Whales

2012 Chicago 8 Small Gauge Film Festival, Chicago, IL

2012 Greenpoint Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY

2012 Millennium goes POP! Millennium Film Workshop, NY, NY

2012 Vertical Cinema, Cardiff, Whales

2012 Vaudeville Park, Brooklyn, NY

2012 BOS Film Festival, Microscope gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2012 Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, Milwaukee, WI

2012 Solo screening, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2011 Colour out of space, Brighton, UK

2011 Another Experiment by Women Film Festival NY, NY

2011 Rompan Límites, Maldonado, Uruguay

2011 Bioparadis, Reykjavik, Iceland

2011 MICROSCOPIC, Microscope gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2011 Bushwick Open Studios, Microscope gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2011 TAP gallery, Southend on Sea, UK


2012 PARALLELOGRAMS, online artist project
2012 Live at The New Museum, Pitchfork

Music Videos

2012 Official video for Alice Cohen’s Pink Keys
2011 Official video for Jean's Wilders' Nice Trash
2010 Official video for Jean's Wilders' Nice Trash
2010 Official video for Julian Lynch’s Mare


2015 Janela on Calgon at Fronteira Film Festival

2015 Vera Dika, Notes From Inside the Black Box, Art in America

2015 Francesco Cazzin on Serpentine in L'EMERGERE DEL POSSIBILE

2014 Toni D’Angela, “Top Ten Films 2014,” La Furia Umana, LFU 22

2014 Stephanie Wuertz, “Love Letter to Mina Loy,” La Furia Umana, Paper Issue #7

2014 Dalila Carmago Martins, “Enlightened Frontier”, La Furia Umana, LFU 21

2012 Nicolas O’Brien, “Hyperjunk: Observations on the Proliferation of Online Galleries,” Bad At Sports, February 14, 2012

2012 “Alice Cohen, The Lacemakers,” Impose Magazine, August 7, 2012

2012 Coco Zoabi, “Alice Cohen: “The Lacemakers”,” Adhoc, August 6, 2012

2010 Chris Martins, “Wavves Associate Jeans Wilder Releases New Video”, LAWEEKLY, December 6, 2010

2010 Georgria Kral, “Julian Lynch Music Video: In New Jersey,” Microphone Memory Emotion, June 29, 2010

2010 “Sightings: Julian Lynch, “In New Jersey” Video,” Visitation Rites, June 30, 2010


Curatorial Projects

2014 Artist Portraits, co-curated with Sasha Janerus, Le Petit Versailles, NY, NY
2013 Nicolas Rey’s differently, Molussia, co-curated with Sasha Janerus, The New School, NY, NY
2013 Nicolas Rey’s Les Soviets Plus L’Électricité, Millennium Film Workshop at Uniondocs, NY
2013 Saul Levine: Groove to Groove, The Silent Barn, NY, NY
2013 Betzy Bromberg’s A Darkness Swallowed, The Filmmakers Co-op, NY, NY
2013 The Films of Storm De Hirsch, The Filmmakers Co-op, NY, NY
2008 Media Utopia: The Art and Advocacy of Paul Ryan, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian, NY, NY

Professional Experience

2009-Present Audio/Video Editor, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, NY

Professional Service

2012-14 Board of Directors, Millennium Film Workshop, NY, NY